How To Winterize Your Barbecue? 1

How To Winterize Your Barbecue?

While some people grill for the whole year, others prefer to store their winter barbecue and bring it back out the summer afterwards. If you’re among those who don’t use their barbecue during the winter we’ve got a few tips to get your grill ready for storage.

Cleaning the BBQ

The first phase is to remove your barbecue and purify the components. Next, use a degreaser to clean the grills and burners, and rinse with water. Instead, using a degreaser clean the grill chamber and use a brush to clean the sides to remove any residue. Rinse water out the grill chamber. Take this opportunity to test the burners condition. Once the various parts have been cleaned, it is recommended that the barbecue be reassembled and turned on high for about 15 minutes to eliminate any remaining residue. Read Our full BBQ Cleaning Guide

Storing Your Grill

winterize your barbecueThere are two different ways to store the bbq once you’ve cleaned it: inside, without a cover and not attached to the propane tank Outside, with a cover and attached or unattached to the propane tank. For example, if you store it inside you could store it in a heated garage. When you store it outdoors, you might preferably place it on a patio or roof. Avoid storing it, like grass, on humid ground. To avoid accumulation, if you choose to store your barbecue outside, take the time to brush off the snow a few times during the entire season.

Where and how do you store a gas bottle after the barbecue?

1. Keep the gas bottle in the right place

The least risk is when stored in the open air or below a canopy by a gas cylinder. The second location of safe storage areas contains well-ventilated sheds or garages. Please note: there is not a well-ventilated room covering a storage area under the kitchen.

2. Keep the gas cylinder away from heat sources

Don’t put your gas flask next to a stove, heater, fireplace, heater, etc. The same goes with throwing a gas cylindrical in the heat. The risk of explosion is increased!

Do you keep the gas cylinder outside?  Put it out of the sun immediately. The pressure in gas cylinders with butane or propane gas increases when the bottles are either directly in the sun or next to the heat source.

3. Butane gas should not go outdoors during winter

Gas bottles filled with butane gas are no longer usable at-0.5 degrees or below. Propane gas, on the other hand, you use up to-40 degrees of temperature.

4. Avoid cellars and locked garages

The gas in the bottle is, and remains, an explosive substance, even if it is in a strong metal bottle or canister. Enclosed spaces, such as cellars or garages underneath the house, are hazardous storage areas for gas bottles. Don’t store the gas bottles under the ground.

5. The gas cylinder must always be upright

Keep a gas bottle on a flat surface. This is the safest situation for a gas cylinder. If you store a bottle of gas, there is a possibility that it will start rolling. This can damage the valve and cause the gas to leak out of the bottle.

6. Close the gas tap, disconnect gas pressure regulator

By storing the gas cylinder completely closed, there is little chance that the gas will escape from the bottle. Please take care that you shut off the gas tap, even if the gas bottle is empty. There can always be some gas leaking out of the bottle, which creates dangerous situations.

When storing your barbecue outdoors we advise you to use a barbecue cover!

After storing your BBQ

In the spring, make sure your barbecue is in good condition so that you can start the summer on the right foot. It is important to clean the grill at the beginning of each season and ensure that burners, sleeves and pipes are in good shape. Then test your tubes and hoses to make sure they are water resistant, by running soapy water. Make sure that all leaks are sealed before using the barbecue if bubbles appear.