How do you light a charcoal BBQ? 1

How do you light a charcoal BBQ?

Marinated your meat and ready to start grilling? We’ll teach you in 6 simple steps how to light your charcoal BBQ the right way!

Step 1. Placement

Make sure your barbecue is on a stable surface. This is obvious for safety reasons, but you always need to check if  your barbecue is standing sturdily.

Step 2. Adding fuel

The best type of fuel to use on your barbecue will depend on what you’re cooking and how long you want to cook for.

Charcoal briquettes are uniform in size and burn at an even temperature for longer periods so they’re perfect if you’re cooking for large crowds or roasting a whole joint of meat.

Make sure you us a Chimney Starter to maximize your safety.
Fill your BBQ starter untill it reaches the top. Now place it inside your barbecue. (see image below)

How do you light a charcoal BBQ? 2

Step 3. Fire and Smoke

Place 2 or 3 lighter cubes under the BBQ starter and ignite all of them with ideally long matchsticks or lighter with long nozzle.

Step 4. The waiting game

Wait untill the heat reaches the top of the BBQ starter. This takes about 20/30 minutes. During the heating you can start prepping your table or enjoy a cold beer!

light charcoal bbq

Allow charcoal to heat through until it is lightly covered in white ash.

Step 6. Transfer the coals

Pour the charcoal out on the charcoal grill. We strongly advise to use gloves as the coals will give a lot of heat!

Place the cooking grill on your barbecue. You are now ready to start cooking! Enjoy!

light charcoal bbq

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